This is me!Hi there! My name is Jackie and I created this blog to review the best pet-friendly spots in Albuquerque, New Mexico. I’ll review stores, restaurants, dog parks, and even bars! I’ll also get some of my best animal buddies to write guest posts for places that are friendly to their species. My hope is to help pet parents in Albuquerque find great places to hang out with their furry (or feathery!) friends, and to find the best deals in town when it comes to shopping, grooming, and boarding.


Now a little bit about me! My mom originally found me while she was working at a local animal shelter. I had been living in a nice man’s field with my 6 month old puppy (who had yet to be weaned). This man tried for over a year to catch me, but he never could because I was really aggressive towards men at the time. One day he ended up catching my last puppy and I of course followed and he brought the two of us to the shelter. They separated my puppy and I and she got so scared she would climb over the tops of the kennels to go find me and would sit in front of my kennel all night long until the shelter staff found her and put her back. She was much shier with people than I was, but she ended up being adopted before me.

I was a sweet, lovable girl but I was an older girl (I was estimated to be 10 at the time I entered the shelter) and had some real aggression issues towards men. It was obvious that I had been severely beaten at some point in my life. My mom came in to work one day and saw me there and she went to work right away to rehabilitate me. She went with me to a big adoption event, and adopted me out to a nice family with a young girl who lived in the East Mountains. Unfortunately, the family did not tell their relatives that I was nervous around men and that I had been abused previously, so when one of the men in the family grabbed me from behind, I turned around and bit him. While it was not my fault, the family felt I was too dangerous to be around their young girl and they returned me to the shelter. I ended up on the euthanasia list and I had one week before they would euthanize me.

Luckily my mom found out that I had been returned and, knowing my history better than the previous family that had adopted me, she took me home right away. I went home with two doggy brothers and a kitty sister. My mom took me everywhere with her so I could get over my people aggression. She constantly exposed me to new situations and was very patient while I tried to understand the idea that not all people were bad. It took us two years, but now I am not aggressive at all and I frequently accompany her to work, bars, and even the barn! I love getting ear scratches from everyone I meet, and I love making new friends with all kinds of animals. I will be turning 13 years old this year and I am a happy, healthy pup! I am so happy that my mom and I found each other!


Me and my mom!


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